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Anthony Stevens

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  • Nidan (2nd Degree)

For more than thirty years, he has participated in the research of the marketing world, as well as the world of fine art and the performing arts. He is a member of the DuSable Museum, South Side Community Art center, Anshindokai- AIKIDO united and YOGA Alliance. He is the founder, chairman and C.E.O.of Mind Influence Attitude Inc (M.I.A.), a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded on March 5,1992. He also is on the board of directors of the South Shore Garden Betterment Association, a community based organization.


Beginning in 1970 to the present  he has produced and sold art; in 1979 he entered the network marketing industry, with the Amway corp. marking a varity of products and services. In 1983 Dr.Stevens narrowed his intrest to the nutrition field, inspired by the late Mark Hughes founder of Herbalife. His interest in health,the concept of people helping people, fuels his relentless work toward helping people to be healther and financially free, promoting the exciting world of the entrepreneur to all that will listen, by the development of mind body and soul.


The late Professor Daniel Torres of Olive Harvey College introduced Dr. Stevens to AIKIDO in 1972 at the Midwest Aikido Center, where classes taught by the cheif instructor the late Aikira Tohei Sensei. He connected instantly and became a student. On the path to improvement one will have many teachers as he has had.

The late great Bruce Lee's influence sparked the fire, the late Morihei Ueshiba founder of AIKIDO, the late Aikira Tohei sensei, the late Garret Hawkins sensei, and Warren Jones sensei just to name a few.

Dr. Stevens currently holds the rank of Nidan second degree black belt in AIKIDO.


Introduced and trained with LaGretta Ambrose in 2009, she inspired him to become a student at Nature Yoga School in 2012 and he was certified as a yoga teacher March 15, 2013. He is now a Yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner.


Adding to his accomplishment in 2013 he became Dr. Anthony Stevens H.H.P.

Doctor of Divinity and spiritual advisor from Universal Life Church.




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