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About Aikido

Aikido, a martial art rooted in both tradition and modernity, was established by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. It encompasses a range of techniques including joint locks, throws, pinning maneuvers, and strikes. Additionally, Aikido incorporates the utilization of traditional weapons such as the Bo (a 6-foot staff), the Jo (a 4-foot staff), the Ken/Bokken (a sword/wooden sword), and the tanto (a knife).

The distinguishing factor of Aikido lies in its spirit. Unlike many other martial arts that focus on self-defense methods aimed at causing severe harm to opponents, Aikido practitioners prioritize neutralizing attacks without inflicting harm upon the attacker. This is not to suggest that Aikido techniques lack effectiveness; on the contrary, they can be highly impactful and devastating to potential assailants. Nevertheless, the primary objective is control rather than injury. Such an approach fosters a state of serenity within Aikido practitioners, which is crucial for the successful execution of various techniques.

We invite you to delve into the art of peace and experience Aikido firsthand!

Come and experience the art of peace!!